Tip: Study up on Kids!

Learn a little about kids! I’m very sure there are a lot of ESL Teachers who are first timers and are really nervous about going to teach in another country. Study up on good old children’s psychology. If you know how their minds work just a little, then it’ll probably help take away some of the first-time anxiety. 

Look up studies on how young children react to foreign teachers, learn great games that will help create participation from all your students and make them feel more at ease. IF they feel at ease, you will too.

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Teachaaaa! There’s lightning in my leg! So much lightning!
― My student’s leg fell asleep in class today. It was quite the ordeal. (via b-n-dslife)
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1. Explore your town/neighborhood

2. Get to know your apartment
-Check out your air conditioner and heater. Make sure you know how to use your microwave, washing machine, etc.
-Have your co-teacher write down your Korean address

3. Get your Alien Registration Card

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